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                Hello, welcome to your arrival!
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                鈺創科技股份有限公司 (abbreviation: 鈺創科技, OTC code: 5351) is a world-class IC fabless manufacturer (Fabless), focusing on Application-Driven Buffer Memory and system chips (System-In-Package) design and production and sales. The company was founded in February 1991 in Hsinchu Science Park, taking the lead in VLSI memory development, contracting the national sub-micron design project, developing 8 吋 wafer sub-micron technology, and developing the DRAM and SRAM industries in Taiwan. Lay a deep foundation. Based on Taiwan, we have made great use of the geographical location in the Pan Pacific Center, emphasizing the marketing strategy of quality leadership and technical services, and winning long-term stable cooperative relations with many international leaders.

                We are committed to providing customer-oriented products and services to world-class CEDRAM and KGDM leaders. The company's Specialty Buffer Memory is known for its high quality, high efficiency and high economic efficiency. The most complete capacity specifications and solutions, from 8M b, 16M b, 32M b, 64M b, 128M b, 256M b, 512M b to 4Gb, are widely used in 4C (Computer, Consumer, Communication, Car) applications. field. The company also has a System-In-Package product line, including: USB3.0 main control single chip, USB3.0 flash memory control single chip and 3D image capture and gesture recognition integrated single chip.

                Shenzhen A-unit Electronics Co., Ltd. Tel: 0755-83218409 Fax: 0755-83203449 ?
                Online QQ: 313703185 E-mail: sales@szaunit.com